Our Meals

We believe a good diet is essential for happy, well developed and healthy children. Therefore, we provide balanced and nutritional meals and snacks throughout the day to give your child the energy and nutrition they require to enjoy their time at nursery.

All our meals are prepared and cooked freshly on site by our highly qualified staff, in our fully equipped kitchen. We are also very proud to have been awarded a 5 star food hygiene rating by Derby City Council. We use fresh fruit, vegetables and Quorn to cook our delicious, vegetarian meals, and offer fresh drinking water throughout the day. We are aware that some children have specific dietary or religious requirements and so do not currently offer meat options. Our menus run on a 4 week rotation and are on display in and around the nursery. A sample menu can be seen below.

Mealtimes are important social occasions in our nursery and we support the children to be independent and encourage them to experience different flavours. Staff enjoy lunchtimes with the children, eating together and encouraging the development of social skills. We use positive approaches to encourage good table manners and have been recognised by Ofsted for the way in which we promote children’s healthy lifestyles” and provide children with healthy snacks and teach them about making positive food choices.” (Ofsted Report 2019)

Should you wish for your child to have meals at nursery, we can provide a nutritious breakfast, mid-morning snack, home cooked lunch or an afternoon tea at your request.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Cheese and onion rolls with spaghetti hoops

Pudding: Fruit salad

Shepherd’s pie with carrots

Pudding: Rice Krispie cake

Tuna potato bake

Pudding: Apple and pear slices

Cheesy pasta with green beans

Pudding: Fromage frais

Vegetable Lasagne

Pudding: Homemade fairy cakes

Crispbread with pepper and cucumber

Pudding: Fromage frais

Cheese sandwich

Pudding: Fruit salad


Pudding: Strawberry whip

Melba toast and carrot sticks

Pudding: Madeira slice

Beans on toast

Pudding: Fruit salad

Breakfast will be a choice of cereals or toast.

If you would like for your child to have meals with us, please let us know.

Children who receive a free funded place are also able to have meals with us. This will however be at an additional cost as outlined below.

Breakfast £1.00
Lunch £2.50
Tea £1.50