We are dedicated to developing and training our staff to reach their full potential, to ensure that they maintain and improve the knowledge and skills they require to meet the needs of their job and the children we care for.

We have a number of work hub facilities including office space and meeting rooms, where staff complete paperwork, take sensitive phone calls or hold meetings. By hosting meetings on site, we are able to save a large amount of time and travel, which ultimately leads to more time spent with children. We hold regular management meetings, and meet regularly with staff to discuss learning strategies and assess the children’s progress. We also use these adult-friendly spaces to meet with parents and have a cup of coffee – which can sometimes be much nicer than sitting on children’s chairs!

Our meeting rooms and offices are equipped with flat screen TV’s that are connected to our on-site CCTV system. This allows us to monitor all that is happening whether we are in a meeting, undertaking training or simply having a break; ensuring your child’s complete safety and your total peace of mind.