Learning Through Sand and Water

All children are fascinated by water and sand as they find it a relaxing way to play.

Here at Shining Stars Nursery, we provide a range of creative water and sand activities that can help enhance your child’s skills through sensory play. Early Childhood Educators encourage nurseries to include water and sand play in the centre of classrooms and feature it outside in warm weather as it is considered a beneficial way to learn. Here at Shining Stars Nursery, we provide a fun sandbox equipped with a range of artistic digger objects and a water play area equipped with fun and interactive objects. Shining Stars are always experimenting with new and exciting ways to use sensory play in the nursery to educate our children.

But what can children learn from water and sand play?

Community Play Things proposes children can learn 5 important skills when exposed to water and sand play at nursery. These include:

  • Cognitive Development: Playing with different objects that sink and float in water can show children weight differences which can challenge them to adapt their thinking basis.
  • Imaginative Play: There are hundreds of different routes a child can follow while playing in sand and water. Their imagination is endless.
  • Leaning Maths: Water and sand play is an effective way to learn mathematical concepts as children can determine when objects are: empty/full, thick/thin, shallow/deep/, heavy/light.
  • Learning Science: Water and sand play encourages children to engage in inductive and deductive thinking as they explore the possibilities of different experiments.
  • Learning Physical Skills: Water and sand play encourages children to use their arm muscles and improve their hand-eye coordination.

Here’s a great sand sensory activity the children enjoyed!

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