Is My Child Ready to Start School?

Here at Shining Stars Nursery, we believe if a child is confident and can effectively communicate their wants, needs and emotions, then they are ready to start school. Although this is a big step, our aim as a nursery is to try and develop these skills by encouraging our children to be independent, take on challenges and take risks. Our children are constantly encouraged to develop their independence by putting on their own coats before playing outside, washing their own hands before and after snack time and going to the toilet on their own. This is to ensure they can listen to instructions and follow them with their confidence levels high for when they are ready to start school.

The staff here at Shining Stars Nursery continue to inspire and encourage our children to learn in a way that is enjoyable. We carry out a variety of structured activities and child initiated play experiences to help grow our children into an inquisitive and expressive individual. We provide play rooms and outdoor play areas that are specifically designed to suit the needs of young children that are all complete with modern equipment and appropriate toys. The staff try and build and develop reading and writing skills ready for when they start school through implementing ‘good sitting’ during circle time and encouraging our children to sit with their legs crossed and listen.

I think my child will find a full school day tough. What can I do?

It is recommended that if your child is nearly ready to start school, they try to attend a full day at Shining Stars Nursery (including lunch time). Going from nursery to school is a big jump and they may only be used to attending a half day at nursery. This can be very daunting so we recommend them attending some full days at nursery to make going to school less overwhelming and as enjoyable as possible.

Shining Stars Nursery try their hardest to prepare your child for school through developing these key skills that will make going to school easy, stress free and more importantly fun. When one of our children are ready to start school, we write a transition report that is sent to the new school with important comments from both the child, their parents and their key person staff member. This is to ensure staff members from the school have an idea of where your child is at in regard to their learning development.


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